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Welcome to SwimWise



What can you expect from your lessons?

By applying the principles of the Alexander Technique to the art of swimming I can help you unlearn bad habits and to remove unnecessary muscular tension. This will result in swimming with ease and with practice will offer the opportunity to swim further with less effort.

If you lack confidence and are not yet at ease in the water, I can help you become more relaxed and you will discover a new and enjoyable relationship with the water.

If you already swim but are struggling to move and breathe efficiently in the water, the Shaw Method of Swimming is definitely for you. You will learn quickly where to effectively use your energy to become more efficient in the water and not to create unnecessary splash! I use a step by step programme which works on the key elements of each of the four strokes.

About the teacher:

I am a qualified Alexander Technique teacher (ATE registered) and hold the Shaw Method of Swimming Diploma.  Also I am a qualified ASA level 2 teacher and a member of the Institute of Swimming. I have many years experience of teaching individuals of all ages in private lessons, small groups and workshops with excellent results. I work with late-starters and those fearful of the water






Call or email Peter Brierley on 07921 912 726 - peter@swimwise.co.uk